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Image of Toronto Psychotherapist Sheila Banerjee

Hello, and welcome to Sheila Banerjee Psychotherapy!  I support individuals and couples in Toronto, both in-person and virtually. 


Perhaps you are stuck in ​an old  pattern, unsure of how to move forward. W​hether you're dealing with low mood and anxiety, relationship and intimacy issues, or recovery from trauma, it is possible to change your patterns and create the life you want.


You can get in touch by emailing me here.

With over 15 years experience, I bring a robust understanding of human emotional needs, combined with awareness of neuroscientific perspectives in mental health.  I support individuals, couples, polycules and family dyads in making meaningful, lasting changes.  I am genuine and kind, and I challenge my clients from a place of respect and collaboration. 


Intersectional​ly Feminist, Oriented to Racial Justice, Gender-Affirming and LGBTQIA2S+

I am committed to offering therapy from an intersectional social justice framework, and bring personal understanding of the nuanced, complex ways that oppression and privilege can inform traumatic legacies.  I am prepared to hold these aspects of your story with you as they arise.




























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