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My Approach to Therapy

With Individuals


Therapy is, in part, an information-gathering process.  We make space for your story, your somatic experience (body awareness), your emotional landscape, and how your present-day experience may tie into the past.  I work at your pace, and we bring together each of these elements, tending to what arises with compassion.


You can anticipate that I will be genuine and warm, bringing a balance of directness and kindness to your process.


The tools and techniques that I use in my practice are eclectic.  One therapeutic model to which I am particularly drawn is Internal Family Systems, a powerfully transformative, evidence-based approach to integrating wounded parts of the Self. 


You can learn more about the Internal Family Systems approach here.

With Couples and Polycules

My work with couples (and throuples!) is grounded in Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), Internal Family Systems (IFS) and attachment science.  I will assist you and your partner(s) in identifying existing cycles in your relationship, and generating new tools and awareness.  Our conversations will enable you to develop more security and more joy in your relationship.  I am also experienced in addressing sexual issues and can support you in this area if needed. 

With Family Members

I often work with two siblings or a parent and adult child who wish to improve their relationship. This work is based in the approaches mentioned above.

In General

I work from an anti-oppressive, harm reduction, and sex-positive stance. Working from an anti-oppressive perspective means that I may, at times, be interested in exploring the ways that racism, sexism, heterosexism, cis-sexism, classism, ableism, ageism and fatphobia inform the issues you bring to therapy.

Using a harm reduction perspective means that I support clients in identifying their own goals related to their substance use or other behaviours. I view abstinence as being one valid option on a spectrum of options, and I respect clients' choices regarding these issues.

I also respect the choices in sexual behaviour of my clients regardless of what they may be, as long as they do not unconsensually harm another person. This means that I am available for discussion of issues related to sex and sexuality in your life.

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